About us

True Blue Water Exchange – established in 2019, is an Australian-owned Company.

True Blue Water Exchange

NOT your AVERAGE Water Broking Specialist

Welcome to TBWE, your trusted water broker for buying, selling, and leasing water entitlements in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. Our team is dedicated to providing solution-focused services that cater to the unique needs and goals of each client.

We offer specialized advice on a wide range of water products, water trading rules, water market pricing, and other relevant information. Our mission is to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives and provide them with the right advice, strategies, and options that align with their future plans. We strive to help our clients make calculated decisions that set them up for success in the years ahead.

At TBWE, we are committed to providing exceptional service and building solid relationships within the agricultural sector. Our vision is to continue expanding our networks and become a leading water broker in the industry. We believe that the satisfaction of our clients always comes first and we are dedicated to delivering results that exceed their expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your water trading goals.

Our Team

Dustin Gordon


Mobile: 0410 468 191
Email: dustin@tbwater.com.au

Our Director & Chief Executive, Founded True Blue Water Exchange 2019 after multiple years in the Real Estate & Water Broking/Agri Sectors.

A seasoned water broker and sales professional with a wealth of experience in the industry. Dustin has a deep understanding of Australian water rights, rules,regulations and a proven track record of success in negotiations. With extensive experience in building relationships, identifying customer needs, and closing deals, Dustin has been able to build a successful business and highly skilled team over the last 5 years. Dustin has a genuine care for the agri business sector and it’s people and is in for the long haul for years to come.

Steve Ling

Business Development Manager/Water Broking Specialist

Mobile: 0400 756 927
Email: steve@tbwater.com.au

With a background in Business Development Management and Sales for the past twenty-five years, Steve has a solutions-based focus for all his clients whilst ensuring the ultimate customer experience. Knowledgeable in all aspects of the MDBA Water Market, Steve will ensure he puts his client’s first. Outside of the business, Steve is heavily involved in soccer at community level and is chairman of his club.

Shaun Blythman

Water Broking Specialist

Mobile: 0447 502 134
Email: shaun@tbwater.com.au

A highly skilled sales professionial with the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage water resources and broker deals. His exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, combined strategic thinking and attention to detail, makes him a valuable asset to the TBWE team. Whether working with farmers, or other stakeholders, Shaun has consistently delivered outstanding results and is committed to maximizing value for his clients.