Temporary Allocation Buy Order

Purchaser Details


Water Details

Purchaser Direction

The Purchaser directs True Blue Water to effect the purchase of Temporary Water Allocation in accordance with the above direction and details.

In consideration of True Blue Water Exchange taking the steps to effect a trade match, the Purchaser is agreeable to the *Fees and Charges that will be applied to this trade.

Terms & Conditions

The Purchaser must complete any necessary documents within three business days after the Trade Match.

If they do not, the Vendor can issue a “Notice of non-compliance,” and the Purchaser has three business days to provide a remedy. If this does not occur, the Vendor can withdraw from the trade and seek compensation.

If the sale does not complete because the Purchaser supplied incorrect or incomplete information, the Purchaser will be responsible for the application fee to relodge the application with the relevant Water Authority.

The sale is subject to the written authority of all Water Authorities.

This Order will remain in force until 30/06/2024.

The Purchaser can Amend or Revoke the Buy Order via text or email to True Blue Water Exchange.

Terms & Conditions(Required)


On/or behalf of the PURCHASER by the following (each of whom warrant that they have the authority lawfully to bind the Purchaser):
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